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April 12, 2020
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Dear Subscriber,

In this period of uncertainty, we trust that you and your family members are keeping safe. We use this opportunity also to extend our sympathies to close or distant family members that may have been directly or indirectly affected by the disruption occasioned by the outbreak of COVID-19.

At Mixta, our leadership continues to evaluate circumstances on a daily basis, and we remain committed to ensuring the preservation of our clients’ financial wellbeing as it relates to their investment in real estate through Mixta. In this regard, we continue to make necessary changes while aligning with the construction industry guidelines provided by the Lagos State and Federal Governments.

Thankfully, some of our proactive decisions will now serve our stakeholders well. For instance, we are ahead of our delivery schedule on some of our projects as we made significant
investments between November 2019 and to date.

So, how does this impact you?

If you are a homebuyer and have continued to meet your instalmental obligations, it means despite the recent devaluation of the currency and the likely increase in building material costs, the price at which you have contracted to buy your Mixta home will remain unchanged. In today’s low interest rate environment as well as extreme volatility in equity investments on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, there can be no safer store of value for your hard earned money!

Don’t forget that there is over 20 years track record that confirms a Mixta home offers stability and assurance about the future. As you may know, as part of the ARM Group, Mixta has completed 23 projects in 7 African countries and some of our real estate developments in Nigeria include Fara Park Estate, Beechwood Estate and Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate in Lagos.

Our goal remains never to fall short of your expectations in good and difficult times!

Contact method and times:

We remain available 24/7 via our e-channels and we encourage you to use these channel.

Phone: 0814 481 0080, 0809 952 4041



Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/mixta-africa-s-a-


Alternatively, kindly send an email to: sales.nigeria@mixtafrica.com

Project delivery

We have taken steps to mitigate risks that relate to our ability to deliver our projects at this time and rest assured that we are on track to fulfil our obligations. We remain fully committed and capable to serve you.

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