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The Lagos New Town is the fastest growing corridor in Lagos. With a large land bank twice the size of Victoria Island, this new district is the perfect blend of residential and commercial units across different class cadres. Upon completion, it is estimated to host up to 200,000 people with a plethora of residential homes, malls, parks, religious homes, community centers and more.

LNT is strategically located in that it is about a 20 minutes’ drive away from the major economic activities of the Lagos Free Trade Zone which guarantees a boost in its infrastructural development as well as the opportunity to profit from the FT zone. Furthermore, its distance from the FT zone which is host to manufacturing industries and factories such as the refinery, petrochemical plants, airports and so much more ensures that residents of Lagos New Town are safe from pollution and other effects of the activities in the FT zone.

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Beechwood Park

Lakowe Lakes

Marula Park

New Town Commercial Plots

Zuma Plains

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