Investment Clinic

At Mixta Africa, we go beyond just being a Real Estate company to handling Infrastructural development and providing varying investment options to help you grow your wealth and hedge against inflation.

How to Invest with Us

Commercial paper is a short-term, unsecured debt instrument issued by Mixta typically for the financing of short-term liabilities. The papers are opened to the public from time to time with a minimum of N5m subscription fee and ROI running from 4% to up to 25% depending on market rates at time of sale

You can invest into a Land Banking plan by buying any of our various plots available within the fast-developing Lagos New Town. You can benefit from land banking by acquiring land at current market prices and holding it for potential long-term capital appreciation. Additionally, land banking allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio and hedge against inflation. Our plot sizes start from 350sqm above. You can buy in bulk for further development or as an investment.

Short Term Investments

A quick way to make money from any of our homes is through a “Buy to Sell” program where you can simply buy any of our homes off plan and sell upon build in 3 to 4 years. We provide investors with access to vetted properties, market insights, and project management support to execute successful buy to sell strategies and achieve attractive returns on their investments. Majority of our properties have been known to give over 100% ROI upon build.

You could also buy any of our properties and put it up for rent either for an annual fee or short let fee. We help with managing a rental pool which helps you get tenants, manages your home for short stays and handles marketing for the short stay clients.

Mixta Africa’s rent-to-own offering provides you as a tenant with a pathway to homeownership and the ability to build equity over a 3-year period. You can pay your annual rent (5% of the cost of the home) for 3 years and by the 4th year, your total rent for the 3 years is deducted from the total cost of the home at that time – reducing your cost of purchase. Not only does give you time to gather funds to purchase, you can also make some extra funds by subletting

Mixta Fracti is a co-ownership or joint ownership investment strategy where two or more individuals (Family/Friends/Colleagues) collectively purchase a property. Each co-owner holds a percentage of ownership in the property, typically proportional to their financial contribution.

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