Mixta Africa partners CeSAHA for healthcare support to Lagos community

November 2, 2021
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Mixta Africa, a real estate Company in partnership with Centre for Sustainable Access to Health In Africa (CeSAHA) is providing healthcare services to communities in Lagos through the schools.

The project involves eye screening, provision of glasses where required, dental screening, HIV tests, tuberculosis tests, nutritional status assessment, and blood pressure check for teachers and parents and students.

The initiative is borne of the need to ensure that the communities access healthcare needs that are germane to their well-being and productivity.

Being in line with its corporate responsibility goals, Mixta Africa believes that enhancing the living standard of her immediate community is critical in its long term goals and objectives.

Despite the challenges in the environment, Mixta Africa will not relent in making sure that her host communities are provided with the basic amenities that support life and living, says management of the real estate company.

Centre for Sustainable Access to Health In Africa (CeSAHA) is an African-led, cause-based social enterprise incorporated in Nigeria in 2015 with a passion in promoting the sustainable health of the Nigerian masses. Mixta Africa is glad to support this especially as it concerns the community school around where our major development in Lagos is – Lagos New Town, says Onome Umukoro, the head of Marketing at Mixta Africa.

“Health is wealth they say. Only a healthy person can make business ideas that strengthen and grows the economy, Mixta Africa is therefore particularly interested in this project as it covers children and women. It is part of the organisation’s belief that health plays a strategic role in the process of empowering a community.”

According to Umukoro, “We believe that creating a healthy environment for the communities around our development areas will foster good relationship between us and enhance community growth.

Mixta’s objective is to grow this partnership with the organization and we are always happy to partner on projects that are within our purview and capabilities. This year’s project is focused on partnering with the CeSAHA in providing health initiatives in the Lagos New Town Community School”

Therefore, it is important that we ensure in collaboration with CeSAHA that medical screening of all the students and their teachers are done within the duration slated. A continuous lifestyle of healthy living is cultivated within the school and at the homes of the students. We will be maintaining the relationship to ensure continuous monitoring and evaluation, said Umukoro.


Source: Business Day

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