Mixta Africa berths high-end retirement community

May 24, 2022
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retirement community

Having developed several residential homes, including lavish penthouses, budget homes and villas, Mixta Real Estate, Africa’s leading real estate developer, is presently venturing into new and interesting frontiers with the development of the first exclusive retirement community in Lagos.

Announcing this novel initiative in its revolutionary operations, the company believes this project, named Ulé, meaning Home in Ijesha dialect, will be a welcome addition to the lives of Nigerian senior citizens who require a community of like minds in their later years.

Speaking on the retirement enclave located within its larger Lagos New Town project, Country Manager, Mrs. Sade Hughes, said, “Ule promises wellness enhancing blends of serenity, excitement and security for senior citizens. It will be a home of adventures, music, and wide-eyed romance where the young at heart can live a robust life even in their golden years.”

“Development is ongoing and bookings are currently open to retired families looking for a welcoming environment to unwind.” He also promises 24/7 nursing assistance, wellness centre, golf and other recreational activities are being planned, to provide more comfort for the residents of Ulé.

Speaking on the marketing strategy of the project, Hughes noted the surprising response Ulé is getting, attributing it to “the impressive reputation Mixta Africa has built as a credible organisation that over-delivers on promises of quality, community and integrity of operations.”

The location of Ulé at the prestigious Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate is ideal for the serenity that the target audience require. “Our potential customers are senior citizens who have may have large vacant mansions across the country as the children have all grown up and dispersed. Why stay in a 6 bedroom house with just your spouse in Ikoyi, when you can move to a luxury 2 bedroom in a serene golf estate with other like-minds around,” she said.

Mixta Africa was founded in 2005 by a group of brilliant and passionate individuals with lots of awards which has been won since its inception. Mixta Africa is always looking to providing housing and innovative real estate solutions across Africa.

Source: The Guardian

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