Differences Between a Mini Flat & a Self-Contained Apartment

April 18, 2024
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Differences Between a Mini Flat & a Self-Contained Apartment

House hunting in Nigeria?

Well, renting for the first time can feel like wandering through a maze of options! 

But fear not!  I, a passionate real estate investor who understands the Nigerian housing market inside-out, am here to be your guide.

Today, we’ll tackle two popular choices: mini flats and self-contained apartments.

Both have their pros and cons and understanding the difference will lead you straight to your happy place.  

So, let’s dive in and explore these options, shall we?

What is a Mini Flat?

Mini flat
A Mini Flat

A mini flat is a cozy little apartment perfect for individuals or small families.

It is your own space, where everything you need is neatly arranged within your reach.

It’s like having a tiny world of your own!

A mini flat is an apartment that cleverly separates your living spaces.

You have your bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep, a living room where you can relax and watch TV, a kitchen to whip up your favorite meals, and, of course, a bathroom and toilet for your convenience. 

All these essential areas are en-suite, meaning they are all contained within your private space.

Mini flats typically range in size. They’re not too big, but also not too small – just the right size to give you comfort without feeling cramped.

You’ll find that they are spacious enough to live comfortably, yet compact enough to manage easily.

The layout of a mini flat usually includes a separate bedroom, which is a sweet escape from the rest of the living areas. 

This separation is great because you can have guests over in your living room without disturbing the tranquility of your bedroom.

You have the best of both worlds – social spaces and private nooks, all in one neat package.

What is a Self-Contained Apartment?

A self-contained apartment
A self-contained apartment

A self-contained apartment is like a snug little nest, perfect for individuals who love having everything within arm’s reach. 

It’s a single room that cleverly integrates all the essential amenities you need – your kitchen, bathroom, and toilet are all included in this compact space.

Self-contained apartments are generally smaller than mini flats.

They’re designed to be compact and efficient, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer a simpler, more straightforward living space.

It’s perfect for someone who’s always on the go or who doesn’t want the hassle of maintaining multiple rooms.

In a self-contained apartment, everything is in one open space. Your bed, kitchenette, and wardrobe might all be in the same room, with a separate bathroom area for privacy. 

This layout means you can reach the fridge, bed, and wardrobe all within a few steps! 

It’s all about convenience and making the most of the space you have. 

This setup is particularly appealing for those who appreciate a minimalist lifestyle and want to keep their living area easy to manage.

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Marula Apartment
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Key Differences Between Mini Flats and Self-Contained Apartments

Aspect Mini Flat Self-Contained Apartment
Size and Space Larger, with separate rooms for living, sleeping, etc. Smaller, with all living areas combined in one room.
Privacy More privacy due to separate rooms. Less privacy as everything is in one space.
Amenities It usually has more amenities due to more space. It might have fewer amenities due to its smaller size.
Cost Generally, it is more expensive because of the greater space and privacy. Usually less expensive due to being smaller and more compact.

Mini flats offer more space and privacy with potentially more amenities but at a higher cost.

On the other hand, self-contained apartments are compact, offer all essentials in a single space, and are typically more budget-friendly.

Now that you know about mini flats and self-contained apartments, let me give you a little extra – if you’re thinking of living in a thriving community, then look no further than Mixta Africa’s visionary development, Lagos New Town

Here, you’ll find great properties offering a variety of options perfect for creating your dream home base!

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Choosing between a mini flat and a self-contained apartment boils down to what you need and prefer. 

Mini flats give you more room and privacy with separate areas for different activities, which is great if you like having defined spaces for living, cooking, and sleeping.

On the other hand, self-contained apartments are compact and convenient, perfect for those who prefer everything within reach and enjoy a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle.

If you’re on the lookout for a place that feels just right, consider checking out what Mixta Africa has to offer. 

Author’s Note: Hi, I’m Joy – a seasoned finance professional based in Lekki, Lagos. I balance a fulfilling career with successful real estate investments in Nigeria.

Join me as I share insights on navigating the world of real estate investments in Nigeria. Let’s find your dream home and unlock financial success together!

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