Infrastructure and Economic Development in Africa

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Chief Commercial Officer speaks with Global Business Report of Arise TV

Infrastructure and affordable housing have been sore points in Africa’s developmental agenda and  more countries on the continent are working to change this narrative. Our Chief Commercial Officer,  Mrs. Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani comments on recent infrastructure projects on the continent in power,  housing and transportation, and ways in which Mixta Africa is helping to plug the infrastructure gap.  She speaks on the challenges faced because of the global pandemic -COVID 19, and the disruption  to the housing and construction supply chains. In her interview with Arise TV, and highlights the  intrinsic link between housing, power, rail, and transportation infrastructure on the continent. She also highlights how the spending capacity of the average consumer has underpinned the importance  of competitively priced mortgage schemes in boosting effective demand for housing.

Mixta Africa, present in 6 African countries, is working closely with several institutions on the  demand for, and supply of, affordable housing. Institutions such as the Federal Mortgage Bank of  Nigeria (FMBN), and other and pan-African development finance institutions like Shelter Afrique, as  well as local commercial banks are partnering across the continent to scale projects and improve homeownership. In addition, infrastructure development, especially the housing construction sector,  is a key driver of job creation. Mixta has realized significant success in countries like Morocco, where  its development projects have provided more than 6,000 direct, and more than 15,000 indirect jobs,  respectively.

Watch more of her interview with the Global Business Report on Arise TV below



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