How to work effectively from home

April 16, 2020
2 mins read

Working from home has become imperative for almost everyone in the face of the growing threat COVID-19 poses to the world at large.

The Federal Government also recently issued an order, restricting movement, enforcing social distancing practices in a bid to slow the spread of the virus. Companies are now forced to innovate and find new ways to get productivity out of their employees.

Here are a few tips to get productive even while you work from home:

1. Identify what needs to get done every day and make sure to do it. “As long as I have a plan on how to complete the list of daily tasks on my personal to-do list, it doesn’t matter if or how I may be interrupted, as long as I get things done by the end of the day,” says Michael Pesochinsky, VP, GC and CTO of Great Neck, New York-based GovernmentBargains.

2. Invest in creating a comfortable workspace: It may sound trivial, but creating a workspace in your home and working out of it helps improve focus and productivity. It ensures you don’t get distracted easily and helps you complete tasks easily.

3. Be clear about your working hours: Post your hours of operation on your door, and as with any office and stick to them. Take the occasional breaks from work to help keep you refreshed and avoid a burn-out.

4. Use productivity apps to track team progress and updates: There are a variety of applications that you can deploy to make your work from home pleasant and team collaboration seamless. Free-source applications like Google Hangout or Zoom (for teleconferencing), Slack or Microsoft Teams (for team collaborations and checklist/task management), Box or Google Drive (For file sharing and archiving) exists to help with this.

5. Check in with co-workers and the boss several times a day: Make it a point of duty to stay in constant contact and communication with team mates and supervisors. Email/call them a couple of times a day to ensure everyone is carried along on day-to-day tasks.


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