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October 23, 2018
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Welcome to the Second edition of the Fara Park II Newsletter.

We are pleased to provide you with updated construction information and latest news on your investment at Fara Park II Estate. We are open to any suggestions or enquiries you may have for us about the Estate.

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Open Day

We would like to thank everyone that took time out to attend the Open Day on Saturday 13th October, 2018. We had over 50 buyers in attendance with their family and friends who came to view the progress of development on site. The following vendors were on site – Raftrack, Swiftside, Quoin and Fak Limited, showcasing their products and services along with the Mixta team on hand to answer any queries. We are also pleased to announce that the building guidelines for plot owners is now available.


Construction Update


Images showing work progress on the first two blocks of flat

Work is progressing steadily on site, the first set of homes are scheduled to be delivered by end of Q4:

·       The first and second blocks of flats have been fully erected, consisting of 16 units each;

·       Blocks 1 and 2 have been roofed;

·       Plastering of the flats has commenced in Blocks 1 and 2;

·       Fixing of Aluminum windows have commenced in Block one;

·       Plumbing first fix for the block of flats have been installed;

·       Mechanical and electrical first fix for the flats has also been installed.

Image showing work progress on blocks of 4-bedroom Terraces

The first block of the 4-bedroom terrace has been erected and roofed;

·       Plastering of the first block of terrace units is almost completed;

·       Plumbing first fix and electrical first fix has also commenced on site;

·       There are also two additional rows of terrace units that we have commenced work on and are at lintel level;

·       The concrete slab on the forth block of terraces has been completed, block work to commence soon.


Latest News

Clearing of about 10,355sqm to the right of the access road (Zulu Sofela Road), around the serviced plots area commenced in August which would house the artificial lake in Fara Park II Estate. Plot signs were also recently installed on site for ease of identifying plots.

We are also pleased to inform you that Fara Park II title has been registered at the Lagos State Lands Bureau. This means that Fara Park II Limited has executed a deed of Assignment with Ajayi Apata and we can start requesting the Deed of Assignments for clients who have brought their payments up to 100%.


Payment Update

Please endeavor to make payments on or before your payment due date to avoid defaults under terms of offer. Allocation of units is at 50% payment, which will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis upon which you would receive a Contract of Sale.

We would also like to remind subscribers to the unserviced plots that the survey fee is payable upon completion of payment. We are unable to request title documents until the fee has been paid.

If you have any queries, kindly contact your Sales Representative or reach out to the Real Estate Operations team by email or phone.

We would be happy to help!

Best Regards,

The Real Estate Operations Team
T: +234(1) 27011653, 2701093-6 

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