Navigating Mortgages in Nigeria: NHF and Mixta Flex

Owning a home is a big dream for many Nigerians, symbolizing stability and security, however, buying a house outright can be tough. That’s where mortgages come in—they help make homeownership possible. In Nigeria, two popular mortgage options are the National Housing Fund (NHF) and Mixta Flex. Let’s explore these options and how they make owning […]

What is Certificate of Occupancy? & Its Importance

Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), is an important document issued by the state government in Nigeria that shows you own a piece of land or property. Any property you purchase without a Certificate of Occupancy is like purchasing a vehicle without a logbook. Trust me, as a Nigerian landowner or property owner, this is […]

Landlord & Tenant Agreement in Nigeria +Agreement Sample

A “Landlord and Tenant Agreement,” often called a tenancy agreement, is a legal deal that sets rules for how a tenant can live in a landlord’s property for a certain time. This agreement covers things like paying rent, looking after the property, and how the property can be used. It makes things clear and safe […]

Proof of Land Ownership in Nigeria (6 Important Documents)


Land ownership connotes the rights to exclusive possession and unfettered access to it. Due to its significance, it has always been a highly coveted asset. This has caused arguments and fights, making it important to show who owns a piece of land, especially when buying a property for the first time. There are issues with […]

The Lagos Real Estate Phenomenon

In the dynamic world of real estate, Lagos emerges as a pulsating hub of opportunities, with the Lekki-Epe Expressway axis standing as a beacon of transformative growth. As the great Henry David Thoreau once said, “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in […]

Innovative Financing Pathways for Affordable Housing: Exploring solutions to the housing deficit in Nigeria.

Introduction The global housing deficit crisis has emerged as a pressing challenge, affecting billions of people worldwide. By 2030, it is anticipated that approximately 3 billion individuals, or roughly 40% of the world’s population, will lack proper housing (UN-Habitat, 2015). Within this global context, Nigeria stands out with an unprecedented housing shortfall, worsening the broader […]

Shaping Sustainable Urban Living: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Landscape Architecture and Real Estate Development

Introduction: Within the ever-evolving realm of real estate development, the pivotal role of landscape architecture cannot be understated. Beyond its aesthetic contributions, deliberate landscape design plays a crucial role in defining the character and value of properties. Over the past 17 years, Nigeria has witnessed the transformative outcomes arising from the symbiotic relationship between landscape […]

2024 Real Estate Outlook: Analysing trends and practices in real estate investment and identifying emerging opportunities in the Nigerian market

real estate

As the new year gathers momentum,  real estate investors are considering ways to better the odds of financial success against the soaring inflation in the country occasioned by volatile foreign exchange rates. The aim being to maximise returns and minimise risks. In this article, we delve into the contemporary trends in real estate business, shedding […]

Lagos New Town: Mixta Africa’s Gateway to Transformative Real Estate Investment Welcomes New Residents and Investors.

Mixta Africa is excited to introduce an exceptional investment opportunity through its Eko Reimagined masterpiece – Lagos New Town, situated along the Lekki-Epe expressway, presented in the form of the Bulk Land offers. Mixta Africa has made remarkable developments in the Nigerian real estate landscape. Such developments include; Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate Beechwood […]

Mixta Africa offers housing opportunities in Lagos, Abuja to African Diaspora in UK

Mixta Africa, a leading African real estate and infrastructure Development Company, says its housing development schemes cut across affordable housing right through to luxury residences, in addition to commercial properties. According to it, it is also opening unique opportunities for residential purchase and investment in Lagos New Town and Abuja, Nigeria, a statement by the company through its UK-based BrandComms agency says on Friday. It […]