Excision of Land: Meaning, Cost, and How To Process It

October 20, 2021
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Do you want to buy land in Nigeria? Are you willing to sell your land in Nigeria? We are here to give you some good information about the Excision of land in Nigeria.

Overview of Excision of Land in Nigeria

What is Excision of Land?

Example of Excision of Land

Why Excised Land Can Be Expensive

How to Process Excision

Things you need to know about Excised land in Nigeria

Things you need to know about non excised land


Overview of Excision of Land in Nigeria

The state carries out excision of land in Nigeria through the Ministry of Lands. However, the minister may delegate authority over land matters either to an existing department or to a newly created one. So the minister has the power to grant, call for papers, and cancel registration of any land matter. You can also learn more about Tenancy Agreement in Nigeria

What is the Excision of Land?

In land excision, state governments release land to indigenous peoples or settlers following legal protocols and processes. Since the Land Use Act was enacted, land excision has been used as a method for compensating the original landowners. A grantee who excises a piece of land maintains ownership and control of the land within the confines of local laws and regulations.

Example of Excision of Land

Assuming that two real estate development companies named X and Y both have two plots of land to sell in the same location. However, Company X’s land is selling for 5 Million naira while Company Y’s price is 7.5 Million naira. Clients notice this, and because of the price difference, they rush to purchase Company X’s land. Two years later, Company X tells its clients that the state government has started the process of excising the land and they expect each person to pay 3 million naira to complete the process. Several complaints are being made. Clients of Company Y, however, are free to build on their land without any harm, having already had the land excised. You can read about the land tenure system and how to access federal mortgage loans in Nigeria.

Why Excised Land Can Be Expensive

The excision process is very time-consuming and costly. Then, when a landowner and seller go through that process, he would determine the cost of a piece of land by adding up all the expenses incurred.

Furthermore, Nigerian law gives state governors control of its lands. Historically, however, Nigerian lands were administered by communities and traditional families before the Land Use Act of 1978. Since the Land Use Act went into effect, land has become under the exclusive jurisdiction of state governors, who may also give former landowners with documented ownership rights access to their properties. You can also learn more about How to Invest in Real Estate and Land survey

How To Process Excision

To get excision on property can be a good thing but is tedious and comes with rigorous processes. They include:

  1. Excision application at your state land use allocation committee. Each state has its own committee. Here you state the reason for Excision, population, and other required information.
  2. Further processing by any other committee set up in your state like the technical committee, etc.
  3. Submission of perimeter survey to the surveyor general and review of charting information
  4. The technical committee conducts a site inspection on the land, making sure that everything is in correspondence with what is on the excision application letter.
  5. The technical committee makes sure that the master plan complies with the land plan use.
  6. The technical committee compiling a report to your state land use allocation committee based on their findings about the land.
  7. Your state land use allocation committee reviews the material sent in by the technical committee and then compiles final reports and sends them to your state governor showing approval or rejection
  8. Upon approval and receipt by the state governor, the surveyor general is contacted and a survey is done on the land
  9. A layout design plan is drawn on the land by local planners, families, and people involved and is sent to the state Ministry of Physical Planning and Economic Development
  10. Then proceed for indemnity agreement Excision where the guarantees agree with the government to take the land in complete. They also make unconditional settlements to the previous claims of the land before the agreement.
  11. Publishing the excision in your state’s official gazette by the technical committee
  12. Publication in any official commonly circulated newspaper
  13. Issuance of certificate of occupancy to the guarantors within 30 days after publication in the newspaper
  14. The State’s land bureau office receives final documents, excision reports, and administrative files. The Registrar of Lands would then enter officially into the archives’ excisions, surveys, maps, names, and gazettes in the Excised Lands Agency.

Things You Need To Know About Excised Land in Nigeria

The various things you need to know about Excised lands are:

  1. It is expensive to purchase
  2. Gives you full control of the land within the confinement of state and local rules.
  3. Has gone through lawfully approved processes.
  4. Eliminates any future fear of losing the land
  5. Reduces complaints and commotion by giving the owner peace of mind
  6. Has no long-term challenges.

Things You Need To Know About Non-Excised Land

Before purchasing land, verify if they have excised it, and if not, these are the things you need to know:

  1. It is cheaper to buy
  2. Has many long-term challenges and troubles
  3. Oftentimes, the future outcome might be too much to bear


Notice: It is extremely important that you purchase an excised property from a licensed and accredited real estate company in Nigeria with an outstanding track record. You can also read up on certificate of occupancy.


Lots of people are not aware of the meaning of Excisions of lands in Nigeria. Here is why you need to know more about it. It is an extremely capital-intensive process, which is why, after excising the land, the family that processed it sells the land at a high price in order to recoup their costs. It’s worth remembering that, if you decide to buy a non-excised over an excised land because it’s “cheaper,” they will still require you to pay some amount for the excising process. You can read more on Deed of Assignment in Nigeria


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