Become a landlord through rent – Mixta Africa presents DUO (Rent to own scheme)

June 2, 2022
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Owning a home is an audacious goal and it’s so much more than the building materials that form it.

#FeatureByMixtAfrica – It’s where you feel at peace, create moments, and build a family and we’re here to make that dream possible.

While getting the right home is very important, the process is even more important. We have got you covered in making the process easy:

By covered, we mean

Introducing a new, easy and flexible way to become a homeowner in Lagos.

DUO offers you the opportunity to own our fully finished 2 bedroom Marula Park home at the promo price of N31.9M through a rent to own property scheme. Promo lasts till Aug 2022.

Follow these easy steps to start your journey now!

STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: Fill the interest form on the page

STEP 3: Receive your application form via email

STEP 4: Fill and submit the application form

STEP 5: Submit all required documents

STEP 6: Pay your 5% equity before Aug 30, 2022. You can pay your equity in two equal installments in August 2022 and December 2022

STEP 7: Once construction is completed in February 2024, pay your first year’s rent and MOVE IN

STEP 8: Continue paying your annual rental fee (which is 5% of the total sum) for a maximum of 3 years

Step 9: After YEAR 3, pay the balance of the current total cost of your home and VOILA you become the owner of the property.

How to calculate your balance:

Value of home (at the end of year 3) – (5% equity + 3 year annual rent paid)

Things you can do with DUO:

  • Complete your payment before the 3 year timeline
  • Pay off your balance through a mortgage or outrightly with cash
  • You can pay your equity in two equal installments: August 2022 and December 2022

Things to avoid with DUO:

Missing out on this amazing opportunity! Limited time and offers available

Visit to get started now

Duo is a scheme developed by Mixta Africa in a bid to make affordable housing more accessible for the average Nigerian. It is a lease-purchase option that is targeted at lower to middle income earners in Nigeria beginning with Lagos State for its pilot phase. Launched in May 2022, Duo can be accessed for Marula Park 2 bedroom home located in Lagos New Town from the Mixta Africa portfolio in Nigeria.

Source: The Guardian

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