Résidence Alhambra

Opulence at its best with our latest addition: Alhambra. This residence comprises 61 high end apartments and some commercial outlets.

Résidence Seville

Enjoy our seamless and artistic blend of contemporary architecture with a unique twist on our existing design for Cordoba.

Résidence CORDOBA


  • Private parking lot

Résidence Barceloneta

This private community designed for the homeowner that values their privacy consists of 13 apartments and three commercial outlets. It is located along the Tunis – Carthage motorway.

Résidence Barcelona

Architecture meets style in every one of our 72 apartments located in the most prestigious residential neighbourhoods of Lac II. They are strategically located at about 10km from the city centre and 3 km from the Tunis-Carthage airport.


  • Underground Parking