2024 Real Estate Outlook: Analysing trends and practices in real estate investment and identifying emerging opportunities in the Nigerian market

January 17, 2024
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As the new year gathers momentum,  real estate investors are considering ways to better the odds of financial success against the soaring inflation in the country occasioned by volatile foreign exchange rates. The aim being to maximise returns and minimise risks. In this article, we delve into the contemporary trends in real estate business, shedding some light on emerging opportunities that savvy investors can explore to maximise their returns in the Nigerian market.

Mixed- Use Developments

One prominent trend in the Nigerian real estate sector is the rise of mixed-use developments. This refers to creating multifunctional spaces that blend residential, commercial, and recreational elements. This approach not only maximises land use but also caters to the diverse needs of urban populations, creating vibrant and sustainable communities.


A consistent  game-changer, the technological emergence of proptech solutions is creating a distinctive, simplified, and more efficient experience around property ownership and leasing.  Proptechs utilise technology to provide solutions that leverage advanced data and analytics to gain feedback, improve sales and better manage the lifecycle of projects. This  has streamlined processes and enhanced decision-making. Investors who leverage these technologies gain a competitive edge by making informed choices with access to big data and, thus, optimise their portfolios.


Sustainable And eco-friendly practices are gaining prominence in real estate development. With a growing awareness of environmental issues, investors are increasingly incorporating green building designs, energy-efficient solutions, and eco-conscious amenities. This not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also resonates with environmentally conscious consumers, thereby adding long-term value to the investment.

Identifying Emerging Opportunities

As we navigate 2024, several emerging opportunities warrant attention. Real estate crowdfunding is gaining traction in Nigeria, democratising access to the property market. This allows small investors to pool their resources, providing them with a share in larger real estate projects.

With the national housing deficit figures rising from 14 million  in 2010 to 28 million in 2023, the affordable housing sector stands out as another high-potential area, when the country’s population of about 226 million in 2023, and the pressing need for accessible housing are considered.

Finally, the rise of secondary cities/districts, like Lagos New Town strategically located along  Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, presents a unique avenue for investors to advantageously position themselves in these areas, benefit from early-mover advantages and capitalise on the potential appreciation of property values.


The landscape of real estate investment in Nigeria is marked by dynamic shifts and evolving trends; forward-thinking investors who embrace and explore the trends and opportunities mentioned above are positioned for success.

Mixta Africa, a real estate company committed to building communities of affordable housing across Africa and championing the “Eko REimagined” project – Lagos New Town, is positioned to aid investors navigate the complexities of the Nigerian real estate market and contribute to both the financial success of the investor and the growth of the Nigerian real estate sector.



Kehinde Haastrup

Brand and Marketing Associate

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