Sustainability Report

Operational Framework

Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS)

We ensure that our activities have a positive impact on the communities around and within our developments. We incorporate the ESAP (Environmental and Social Action Plan) model in our internal procedures especially focusing on the following

  • The promotion of continued improvement or the adoption of means that help minimize negative impacts on the environment.
  • Monitoring, control, analysis, and oversight of local as well as international sustainability regulations
  • The application of relevant laws in our operations compliance with, and the periodic revision of specific actions.
  • Environmental and social policies along with a risk management framework
  • Environmental and social reporting policy and procedure
  • Self-verification, assurance, and external audit policies and procedures

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

We guarantee consistent compliance of the security and health measures for our employees and personnel of subcontracted companies in every country where we are present.

We adapt our occupational hazard prevention systems to meet national and European legal requirements, as well as to contribute actively to improvement of safety levels. Our workers are regularly trained in the use of systems and instruments that assist in improving occupational hazard prevention. Furthermore, we promote measures that contribute to the reduction of accidents at work through periodic revisions to defined procedures in special cases like accidents.

Land Acquisition

  • Land acquisition policies that ensure compliance with strict international standards and unique local practices
  • Designed to be environmentally friendly and conducted such that the means of livelihood of persons and/or communities that may be affected by our operations are preserved or enhanced

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Communication and stakeholder management policy and procedure
  • Input of community and stakeholders in all stages of the planning, pre-approval, construction, and post construction
  • Grievance policy and procedure which includes provisions for stakeholders to raise grievances as needed