Ivoire Golf Club
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Près de Cocody , Abidjan (Côte D'Ivoire)

  • Housing

The Club Ivoire Golf Estate site provides the opportunity to develop a new integrated mixed-use development in Abidjan. 

The golf estate is strategically located in terms of connectivity to major roadways, certain bulk infrastructure, and the upscale social area of Abidjan. 

The Golf course is the only facility that the club currently offers. 

Mixta Africa is desirous of redeveloping the Ivoire Golf Club and transforming the estate into a Hospitality destination. The concept for the development of the estate involves the refurbishment of the Ivoire Club golf course and club house and the construction of a luxury hotel. In addition, the Estate will include an integrated event and sports complex and private residences around the golf course.

An indicative Master plan of the site was developed and incorporates the following main components:

  • Golf Course
  • Club House
  • Resort-styled Luxury Hotel
  • Spa
  • Event Center and Sports Complex
  • Corporate Lodges
  • Private Residences (Residential Villas)

Renders Gallery :
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