Pensions Mortgage Loan Pathway

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The National Pension Commission has approved guidelines which allow Retirement Savings Account (RSA) holders access a maximum of 25% of their RSA balance for the payment of equity contribution towards securing a residential mortgage. This product extends to employees in active service or self-employed persons who are making monthly/periodic contributions to their RSA and are registered with a licensed Pension Fund Administrator (PFA).

The Process

The subscriber sees a preferred product via any of our channels and expresses Interest

MIXTA sends its product listing which fit into their budget ranges and the subscriber selects a preferred product

MIXTA prepares offer letters based on the Ts & Cs of the selected product.

The subscriber makes a mortgage application and receives an acceptance letter from their PMB upon fulfilment of all conditions.

The subscriber takes the acceptance letter from the PMB to the PFA for application of the 25% RSA equity.

Upon approval of the application disbursement is made to the PMB

The PMB credits MIXTA for the price of the property

Available Properties

BeechWood Park


1 Bedroom



2 Bedroom



3 Bedroom



All Bungalows

The Village at Lakowe Lakes


4 Bedroom Baobab



Residence de la Paix (RDP)


1 Bedroom



2 Bedroom



All Apartments


What are the eligibility criteria for accessing 25% of your RSA balance?

The RSA applicant must be in active employment as a salaried employee or a self-employed person and must have both employer and employees’ contribution for a minimum period of 5 years prior to the application to access his/her RSA balance for the purpose of equity contribution for residential mortgage.

How long will it take to process 25% of my RSA balance from the Pension Fund Administrator (PFA)?

The cycle-to-cycle processing time varies from one PFA to another and may take an average of 28 days

What is the processing time for the Primary Mortgage Bank to disburse to MIXTA Africa?

Mortgage application duration varies from one Primary Mortgage Bank to another. The average processing

time is an average of 3 weeks*

Can I use 25% of my RSA balance to buy a landed property?

No. The RSA 25% can only be used as equity contribution towards securing a residential mortgage. Notwithstanding, MIXTA Africa has

several payment plans that may be utilized to purchase its landed assets

Which are the approved Primary Mortgage Banks (PMBs)?

The list of approved PMBS can be accessed via the QR code:

Or you can click here

Can couples make a joint application?

Yes, married couples are eligible to make a joint application subject to individually satisfying the eligibility requirements

Can my RSA 25% balance be used to purchase an off-plan property?

No. The RSA 25% only applies to existing properties. However, MIXTA Africa has several payment plans that may be utilized to purchase its off-plan products

Is there an age restriction for the RSA scheme?

Yes, RSA Holders that have less than 5 years to retirement shall not be eligible to use a portion of their RSA savings as equity for residential mortgage

At what stage will receive my property title documents?

After full payment obligations have been met with your Primary Mortgage Bank

What if have sufficient funds outside of my RSA 25% balance to buy a property outright?

The RSA scheme is tied to a mortgage. Disbursement of the RSA 25% will only be through a Primary Mortgage Bank.

What if 25% of my RSA balance is not sufficient as equity contribution?

The Primary Mortgage Bank shall request for the supplementary equity contribution. The supplementary equity contribution shall be deposited with the PMB and shall not be drawn during the application process